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Rick – Robert Longo

Rick, 1994


46 x 30 inches | 116 x 76 cm

Edition of 170

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Robert Longo is an American artist renowned for his multidisciplinary approach, encompassing drawing, painting, sculpture, film, and performance. Born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, Longo emerged as a prominent figure in the art world during the 1980s, gaining recognition for his compelling and provocative works that often engage with themes of power, politics, violence, and the human condition.

Longo gained early acclaim for his “Men in the Cities” series, which featured dramatically posed figures captured in dynamic moments of contortion and movement. These striking images, rendered in charcoal, conveyed a sense of energy and tension, exploring the complexities of urban life and the psychological states of his subjects.

Throughout his career, Longo has demonstrated a keen interest in exploring the visual language of mass media and popular culture. He often incorporates imagery from film, television, and news media, recontextualizing and manipulating these sources to provoke thought and commentary on contemporary society.

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