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Signed & numbered by the artist.  Medium: Giclee with a Screen Printed Archival Gloss UV Varnish on Fabriano 400gsm Hand Pressed Cotton Paper

Dimensions: 28 x 28 inches

Year: 2015

Edition: Of 300

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“SOLACE” by Hush is a poignant and visually compelling piece that likely exemplifies the artist’s unique blend of street art with classical influences. The title suggests a theme of finding comfort or peace, and this sentiment may be conveyed through the composition.

In this artwork, Hush might utilize his signature techniques, including layers, stencils, and a dynamic interplay of colors. The visual elements may create a sense of depth and emotional resonance, inviting viewers to explore the multifaceted layers of meaning within “SOLACE.” The juxtaposition of bold, urban aesthetics with more subtle and intricate details could be a hallmark of this piece.

Within the art scene, “SOLACE” could be a sought-after work for its ability to evoke introspection and emotional connection. Its potential to offer solace or contemplation aligns with the thoughtful and progressive nature often associated with Hush’s artistic contributions.

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