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Hand signed & numbered by the artist.

Medium: 8 color screen print on 300gsm somerset paper

Dimensions: 28 x 20 inches

Year: 2013

Edition: Of 50

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“SON OF A MAN BATTLESHIP (GREY)” by Martin Whatson is a mesmerizing piece that melds classical aesthetics with urban dynamism. The artwork, painted predominantly in shades of grey, may depict a reinterpretation of the iconic “Son of Man” painting in a setting involving a battleship. Whatson’s graffiti-inspired elements and meticulous detailing bring a modern, urban twist to the timeless image.

The greyscale palette could convey a sense of ambiguity or timelessness, inviting viewers to interpret the narrative in their own way. The battleship, juxtaposed against the classic figure, may symbolize the clash between tradition and progress or the interplay of strength and vulnerability.

In the art plug scene, “SON OF A MAN BATTLESHIP (GREY)” could be a standout piece, reflecting Whatson’s ability to infuse classical art with contemporary themes. Its potential to prompt contemplation on the intersection of history, warfare, and human identity aligns with the thought-provoking nature of the art plug movement.

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