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TIKVA – Robert Indiana

16,200.00 $

32 in x 30 in | 81.28 cm x 76.2 cm

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Robert Indiana was an American artist associated with the Pop Art movement, renowned for his bold, simple, and iconic imagery, often incorporating words. His work is characterized by strong graphic sensibility, bright colors, and engaging use of language. Indiana’s most famous work is arguably the “LOVE” series, initiated in the 1960s, which features the word “LOVE” in capital letters, arranged in a square with a tilted “O”. This image became a significant symbol in American art and was reproduced in a variety of formats, including paintings, sculptures, and prints. Indiana’s exploration of language and American identity extended beyond the “LOVE” series, including themes related to commercialism, individual identity, and societal values. His work is often seen as a bridge between Pop Art and early Conceptual Art, using text to engage viewers in a dialogue about art and meaning.

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