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Today – Marcel Katz

‘Today’ is a limited edition print by Marcel Katz.

Print on Archival paper

20 x 60 in

50 x 152 cm

Edition of 100 ( 20 Left)

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In a world that rushes past us, Marcel Katz’s “Today” stands as a vibrant manifesto to the power of presence. This compelling piece, designed and crafted by the visionary hands of The Art Plug, is more than a painting—it’s a daily reminder etched in colors and typography.

“Today” emerges from a profound black base coat, a canvas of endless possibilities that encapsulates the infinite depth of the present moment. Atop this, an eruption of color beckons the observer into the now—each hue a call to action, a nudge to awaken to the fullness of life that each day offers.

With typography that speaks directly to the soul, Katz weaves a narrative of immediacy. The words are more than text; they are an incantation of mindfulness, a poetic urging to seize the day. The stark contrast of the lettering against the rich backdrop serves as a constant reminder that today is not just another day; it is the day.

Each print of “Today” is a testament to longevity, produced on high-quality archival paper that promises to stand the test of time. It is an emblem of durability, much like the message it carries—be active, be present, be here, now, fully and unapologetically.

“Today” is not simply a piece of art; it is a daily practice, a lifestyle, an artful nudge to live each day to its fullest potential. Let it adorn your space, and may it serve as a daily touchstone for the importance of being active and present—every day

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