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Unsigned numbered edition. Stamped. Certificate of Authenticity from POW included.

Medium: Screen print on paper Dimensions: 70 x 50 inches

Year: 2003

Edition: Of 50 signed / 500 unsigned

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“VICTORIA” by Banksy is a captivating and thought-provoking piece that likely incorporates the artist’s distinctive blend of street art aesthetics with profound social commentary. In this hypothetical artwork, Banksy might use stencils and bold imagery to convey a powerful message, potentially exploring themes related to victory, empowerment, or societal triumph.

Within the context of The Art Plug, “VICTORIA” could become a significant conversation starter. Its potential to merge urban grit with a deeper exploration of victory in various forms aligns with the progressive and inclusive nature of The Art Plug movement. The piece might be celebrated for its ability to resonate with diverse audiences, both on the streets and within exclusive art collections associated with The Art Plug, contributing to the movement’s mission of breaking down traditional art barriers.

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