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A Banksy art print housed in a cheap Ikea frame with an actual chiseled off piece of wall. Can only be purchased at the Walled Off Hotel gift shop in Palestine. Unsigned

Medium: Print with Concrete

Dimensions: 11 81/100 x 11 81/100 inches

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“WALLED OFF HOTEL BOX SET” by Banksy is a comprehensive and collectible art set that likely encapsulates the artist’s distinctive blend of satire, social commentary, and artistic innovation. This hypothetical piece might include a curated selection of items related to Banksy’s notorious Walled Off Hotel—a political art project located in Bethlehem.

The box set could contain miniature replicas of iconic artworks within the hotel, stenciled prints, or perhaps even a documentary about the project. It would be a tangible and immersive experience, offering collectors and art enthusiasts a glimpse into Banksy’s subversive world and his exploration of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Relating it to The Art Plug, the “WALLED OFF HOTEL BOX SET” aligns with the movement’s ethos of bridging street art with high-end contemporary art. It would be a coveted addition to collections associated with The Art Plug, as it not only embodies Banksy’s disruptive approach to art but also invites viewers to engage with important geopolitical issues through a curated and thought-provoking lens. The box set’s potential to transcend traditional art boundaries and its immersive nature make it a compelling contribution to The Art Plug’s mission of fostering dynamic and inclusive contemporary art experiences.

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