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WE WON´T FADE – Joca Torres

Mixed Media

30 x 30 in

76 x 76 cm

Unique work


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Joca’s unique blend of technology, visual media, and pop culture reflects his generation’s pulse and his personal experiences. He masterfully manipulates these elements, exercising complete creative freedom to produce works that are not just visually appealing but laden with layered meanings. His art is a commentary, a mirror to the icons and media it comprises, always critiquing and questioning.

What sets Joca apart is his keen eye for selecting cultural elements potent enough to be stripped of their original meanings and reassembled. 


Torres plays with signs, symbols, and hues to forge new narratives, each piece a testament to his deep urge to communicate differently. His art boldly critiques media and culture, challenging our notions of normality without resorting to provocation or violence. His portfolio spans canvases, murals, textiles, and cinematography, showcasing collaborations with renowned artists and influencers. Joca Torres isn’t just creating art; he’s reinventing it, weaving his life’s philosophy into every piece, making each creation a part of his own story.

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