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ZERO TOLERANCE – Martin Whatson

Hand signed & hand finished by the artist.

Medium: 28 color screen print on 300gsm somerset paper

Dimensions: 23.62 x 39.37 inches

Year: 2016

Edition: Of 100

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“ZERO TOLERANCE” by Martin Whatson is a powerful piece that challenges societal norms and advocates for change. In this artwork, Whatson’s signature fusion of street art and classical techniques is evident. The composition may feature bold, contrasting elements, symbolizing the dichotomy between tolerance and resistance.

The title implies a narrative of standing firm against injustice, and the visual elements within the piece likely convey a sense of urgency and defiance. Whatson’s masterful use of color, intricate details, and perhaps provocative imagery create a visually striking and emotionally charged work that encourages viewers to reflect on issues of societal importance.

In the context of the art plug scene, “ZERO TOLERANCE” could be a focal point for discussions around activism, social change, and the role of art in addressing pressing issues. Its potential to spark dialogue and provoke thought aligns with the ethos of the art plug movement, which often celebrates artists pushing boundaries and using their work as a means of cultural commentary.

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