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Q & A With Lighton

Meet Yohan Quintar, aka Lighton. He’s an art director and the brilliant illustrator behind the imagery of The Art Plug Powerhouse. From logos to animations, Lighton handles it vibrantly, but naturally. His work seems effortless, but his drive and determination are stronger than most.

Lighton was inspired at a young age by the visual art movement and Andy Warhol.

“I started to draw a lot at the age of 12; at this time my life goal was to become a car designer. My dad was a mechanic, I grew up in his garage between all those cars so it was my only knowledge of design,” he said.

Though his parents couldn’t afford to send him to automotive design school, Lighton decided to attend a free public graphic design school in France. That is where he fell in love with the complex attributes of art and everything in between.

“I understood that what I loved in cars was the emotion caused by their design,” Lighton said. “From that point, I started to try a lot of different supports (paint, sculpture, illustration, animation, video …).”

Lighton was inspired by the vibrant colors and strong images of Andy Warhol; how they invited multiple interpretations and looked amazing at the same time. Lighton built his own signature style through a combination of his own emotions and his steadfast vision to be great at what he does.

Q. What is it like being an artist right now? Does your digital expertise give you an advantage over others?

Lighton: It’s a wonderful time to create! During the quarantine I made music and clipped it into animation to entertain people on Instagram and I started working on a new canvas.

Q. What is your creative process like? In other words, how do you come up with some of the ideas for your work? Does it just come to you or does it take a lot of planning and thinking?

Lighton: Well I think… both! I’m always thinking about things, and when I start work it comes pretty fast. But I always make it a little rough before starting to be sure it’s going to be cool, and sometimes it needs some adjustments when it’s on paper.

Q. How would you describe your style? And Anything else you’d like to add!

Lighton. I liked to say I’m a pop artist from the street, or a street artist that doesn’t run fast enough to make graffiti haha, but who cares? What is really important for me is how people feel in front of my pieces.

Q. You’ve collaborated with a ton of awesome brands, how do you go about marketing yourself to companies like Air France and Virgin Radio?

Lighton: Yes, I made a lot of advertising campaigns, when I entered graphic school at 16 I started to work for agencies at the same time, and year after year I worked for many clients. At 25 I decided to be my own boss and work with big brands, last year (2019) for example, I worked for Red Bull and as you know with Marcel Katz for the dope event Art Plug Power House!


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