Kourosh Keynejad On Raw Natural Beauty & Photography


 by Nicole Schubert

Kourosh Keynejad, a British photographer who’s known to plan, map, and search all scores of the earth to capture picturesque views, is showcasing his safari inspired works at this year’s Art Palm Beach inside The Art Plug Powerhouse.

“Untouched miles of jungle, sand dunes, and coastline,” said Kourosh Keynejad. “The most authentic cultures and tribes and of course the most exotic and dangerous wildlife that exists. My recent trip there was definitely one of the greatest and most fulfilling trips I have been on. I thought sharing this experience would have the largest impact. Creating and environment like a safari tent with life size portraits of Lions and Elephants, showcasing the biggest sand dunes in the world, the lost truths of the Pyramids, and the most incredible sunsets known to man.”

Lending a closer look into the essence of the world’s eye, Keynejad looks to express how nature provides endless raw beauty that forever expands and diversifies.

And this appetite for the natural world has stimulated Keynejad’s artistic growth throughout the duration of his career, initially born out of a trip to the Far East, when taking a sabbatical from his financial services career to spend seven months in Asia. Exploring the sacred, fragile ecosystems and wildly vibrant communities in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan, Keynejad’s curiosity into cultural behavior, natural landscapes, and wildlife sparked.

“I was only meant to do a 2 month trip to Thailand, but couldn’t get enough once I was out there … From Mt. Fuji in Japan, to the Phi Phi islands in Thailand, Halong Bay in Vietnam, to the Jungles in the north of Bali.”

It became an addiction, “like an itch or a bug.” The introduction to new cultures and people fed his adrenaline, pushing his limits to step outside his comfort zone. But having to have journeyed over five continents and more than 20 countries, Keynejad today finds most interesting Japan, Patagonia, The Faroe Islands, and Africa.

But yet with all of his travels, Keynejad continues to sett new goals for himself. This year, Keynejad is planning to hike Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa, take a ship from New Zealand to Antarctica, and partner with National Parks in Namibia, Tanzania and Patagonia to support their growing ecosystems. Keynejad also has trips planned to Hawaii, Iceland, and Greenland.

Art Palm Beach collectors and crowds can expect future activations encouraged by Keynejad’s upcoming travels, with works that exhibits “no tricks, shams, or illusions,” but rather raw moments that will never forgotten.