Robin Velghe On The Power Of Music

Showcasing his first prints at Art Basel Miami Beach’s Art Plug Powerhouse this year, Robin Velghe, coined by the name Rhymezlikedimez, sold out the entirety of his works in one grand flush.


“It’s an amazing feeling to see that people really care about my work,” said Velghe. “This was only my second print release and we didn’t expect it to sell out in an hour. I’m incredibly grateful.”


A rapidly growing artist who’s new to the modern contemporary art scene, Rhymezlikedimez, a Belgium born 23-year-old animator and illustrator, first found artistic inspiration at a young age, when he would jot down drawings of Pokémon, people, and cars in a three-ring loose-leaf binder.


“I really have been drawing since I can remember. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, so when going somewhere with my parents, I was often alone. To pass the time I would be drawing a lot. After high school, I had to make a very hard decision. I had pretty good grades so it seemed like a risky thing to go study arts. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t give it a shot. I went to LUCA School Of Arts in Ghent to turn my hobby of drawing into a profession as an illustrator. It was only in my last year that I learned to animate at my internship.”


And now, after years of honing his skills, Robin finds artistic motivation in music, focusing on the power that music has, to tell a story and control human emotions.

“Tyler The Creator,” “Suwoop (YG),” “Solo (Frank Ocean),” and “Keep Moving Forward (Kids See Ghosts AKA Kanye West & Kid Kudi),” by Rhymezlikedimez exhibited at Art Palm Beach

“When I was a kid, I used to watch MTV a lot. I will never forget the impact that the music video for Stardust, which is early Daft Punk, made on me. It’s about an 80’s, 90’s kid who’s building a model airplane, while actually watching music videos on TV. You can feel it’s summer and he’s so excited to actually test the airplane. It perfectly captures the genuine passion that a child can have for something. The colors and the vibe were just so right.”

Drawing from hip-hop stars like Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell, Sheck Wes, and Playboi Carti, Velghe builds a visual interpretation of the music that moves him, so viewers can hear the soundtrack that the work is based on. Some of Velghe’s most notable works have been with Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane and Kodak Black.

Today, Art Palm Beach collectors and crowds can find a recreation of this work inside The Art Plug Powerhouse.

“I wanted to create a place that’s further away from reality. I want to make the viewer feel like they’re in the clouds, as if they were flying with these flashy icons.”

Velghe is now working on future collaborations with All Def Music, prints, and possibly merchandise to showcase in the future.