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Marcel Katz On Disrupting The US Art Scene

Art Bikes on a Roof 

This event did exactly what it laid out in its name – a performance art piece on a rooftop with world-class motocross riders zooming through the air on bikes designed by artists. The artists had been selected by Marcel Katz, a.k.a the Art Plug who also had murals and art installations at nearby location The Citadel. The award-winning Museum Garage was decked out for the night with multiple ramps for Red Bull athletes to show us flips to DJ sets by Irie and Dude Skywalker. TAG Heuer was the official timekeeper for the athletes who showed off their skills several times throughout the night. This high-energy event was the perfect way to kick off the night and was

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    Ashton Porter
    Posted June 30, 2021 at 1:43 pm

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