Manuela Escobar, better known as Toy Invades, is an international artist known for her colorful toy bear and her vibrant, glowing maze—her signature design across a variety of mediums. She was born in Medellin, Colombia and moved to the states when she was one year old, where she was raised in Miami, where she currently lives as the city is her main source of inspiration. Toy is a rising, self-taught artist who has dedicated the last two years to spray painting and mural-making, placing herself in the center of the spotlight. In 2021, after being inspired by the movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” she went on a three-month spree of street creation, producing forty murals—a feat that she documented thoroughly on Tik Tok and other social videography platforms, gaining global attention. Toy has been featured in a number of leading events around Miami, as well as her own curated art events which have featured over 30 local artists. Her events have garnered fruitful sponsorships from La Granja, #EtherStream, Crypto Corridor, and NinoNftcafe, an artist meetup platform and space. Toy’s biggest impact to date was during Miami Art Week 2022, where she premiered Toy’s Fun House at The Art Plug Power house 2022 at The Wharf Miami. In addition to creating work for galleries, Toy has collaborated with numerous brands such as TikTok, The Bitcoin Conference, Love Hemp Farms, Form 50 Fitness, OnlyInDade, Original Selfie Museum, Kcull Shop, and celebrities like DJ Nano, Malu Trevejo and Bull Nene.